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Contributing Source Code to outlines how we go about contributions from programmers to OpenPetra.

Projects to get started with

These are projects that might be easy for developers to get started with

High Priority Projects

Low Priority Projects

Things which are 'nice to have':

General List of Things That Need to be Done

Please have a look on the Mantis Tracker for all sorts of things that need to be done!

Also some projects that need more documentation than the tracker can hold:

Non-Programmer Projects

There is also quite a bit of work that needs to be done, and can/should be done, by people who are not programmers.

  • Translation of OpenPetra: see this article about HowTo help with Translation
  • Design: we might need additional icons for the ToolBar Buttons etc., so let us know if you are gifted in that area and want to help us.

Independent Projects That Might Be Useful