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Tracking of Bugs and Things to do

We are managing the projects, todo lists, feature requests, and bugs all in one place, at Github issues.

Github issues Information

We use Github issues for tracking of those things. You can get there via this link:

These issues are public, i.e. everyone with web access can get to it and see the Bugs.

  • The fact that the issue tracking system for OpenPetra is public needs to be kept in mind when filing bugs or adding information and attachments and screenshots!

Before you record something you think is not working, or does not seem what you think it ought to do, or if the application issues an error dialog, please have a look if someone already posted a similar issue.

When you file bugs or request features please make sure that you are following our Mini-guide for Bug reporting!

Questions and Discussions

Questions and discussions should happen in the Forum. It can be found here: Developer Forum


  • Technical details of an implementation in OpenPetra should always be documented in this OpenPetra wiki.
  • Do not use documents (of any file format) for documentation of technical details of an implementation in OpenPetra, because
    • the wiki should be the single central source of information about OpenPetra
    • documents in various file formats don't usually have a change history, but the wiki keeps track of the change history
    • documents outside the wiki might become forgotten on the local machine of a developer (or on a network drive) and no-one else will have (easy) access to them

Contributing Code and Patches

See Submitting patches and features for more information.

Copyright of Contributions

We need to still discuss how we deal with the copyright of contributions. See also the discussion on this blog about copyright assignment.
Please let us know what you would prefer! OM is a charity, and it might be a good copyright holder to make relicensing easier. But if that is a big problem for you, please let us know, and we can discuss it.