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Open Source Tools we are using within openPETRA

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) SharpDevelop (other IDE's are supported!)
File Comparison, File Merge WinMerge


Unit Testing NUnit


Version Control Git
Build System NAnt
Continuous Integration Server LightBuildServer (LBS)
Translations Weblate
Relational Database Systems PostgreSQL


Execution of .NET Assemblies on Non-Windows Operating Systems mono Project
Editor (esp. for Text, XML, YAML Files) Notepad++
Diagrams dia
Automated Creation of Documentation doxygen

sql2diagram, SchemaSpy

(see below)

Bug Tracking Github Issues
Forums Flarum
Wiki MediaWiki
Website CMS WordPress (hosted on our own server) + custom layout + wpGlobus

Other Supported IDE's (Integrated Development Environments)

The Project and Solution files for OpenPetra are not created by hand - we use a Project and Solution generator tool for that task. One of the advantages of using this is that it can create Project and Solution files for various IDE's.

This gives the developer a choice between the following IDE's for developing OpenPetra:

  • SharpDevelop (open source, version 4)
  • MonoDevelop (open source, experimental at this stage)
  • Visual Studio (Express [=free] and full [=commercial] editions)

Tools Used for Generating Documentation

  • We are using Doxygen for source code documentation (API documentation)
  • We are using sql2diagram and SchemaSpy for database schema documentation (textual and diagrams)