GUI Frameworks Comparison

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Criteria for comparing GUI frameworks

  • are there user controls / subforms
    • is there a good community that provides modern user controls/widgets
    • eg. is there a good XP Panel, Task pane? how would you do that with the framework?
  • Event model, number and order of events
    • Multicast events or Singlecast events
  • Threading modell for GUI (eg can you access the GUI from a background thread?)
  • handling of modal windows
  • internationalisation: how easy is it to translate the screens? How do the screens adjust to longer texts? (see also Comparison I18N)
  • portability (does it only run on Windows, or also Linux/Mac?)
    • can you change the look&feel (skin, theme) to something the user is used to?
  • how good is the integration with .net?
  • support 120 dpi and normal 96 dpi

Desktop Application GUI frameworks






Web GUI frameworks

please see Web GUI Frameworks Comparison