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General Information

The team behind OpenPetra doesn't plan particular translations of OpenPetra - rather, the OpenPetra application can be translated voluntarily by people who want to either contribute to OpenPetra with their skills in this way and/or have a particular interest in having the application in their 'heart language'.

  • The people who do the translation should be good in English and translate the application out of English into their mother tongue, but they don’t need to be computer specialists for that!
  • One doesn't need to take on the task of translating the whole application into another language as the translations are done incrementally - sentence for sentence.
  • One can translate as much or as little as he desires, and one doesn't even need to notify us if he/she starts translating, though it would be kind if that would be done.

You are very welcome to help in translating OpenPetra into other languages.

Translation team

If you have questions or doubts feel free to post on the Forum

How to translate

We are using Weblate for managing the translations of the javascript client.

Just go to to our own Weblate installation.

Testing the translations

You can get a test installation, by running

curl | bash -s test

Then just replace your language file in /home/op_test/client/locales, and reload your browser.

Language specific information

Translation documentation for Developers