Specifications Reporting

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Input requirements

  • select parameters for the report
  • select the columns for the output
  • save searches for future reuse

advanced queries using prepared statement blocks

  • see this screenshot from the KnowledgeTree Advanced Search


  • sample case:
    • find all partners,
      • with this subscription
      • who have visited that conference in the last 2 years (which conference, which role, how many years back)
    • concatenate:
      • find all parents of such people defined in the first search (eg. parents of conference participants)

Output requirements

  • print to PDF/paper printer
  • print to screen
  • print to text file
  • show as HTML
  • use as an extract
  • use as a base for another report
  • operations on the result of a report
    • eg. print all addresses of the partners displayed in this report