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The deliverables are:

Things todo for an Open Source release

Short version

What can/should be done a day or even a few days before the actual release date

Performing all the steps that are listed here on this page can take - on average - a day if the last release has been some months ago. However, the time it takes on the day of the release can potentially be reduced by doing several steps a day or even a few days in advance.

These are the steps that can be done before the actual release:

Testing the release packages before the release
Preparing the text for the Release Notes
  • Usually this can be done once the testing phase begins which precedes the release - that might even be a week before the release because even if there is still a major new functionality that might get added before the release will be done this will be known by now and can be written up already.
    • Obviously the text needs to be looked at carefully at the day of the release, but most of time-consuming work will have been done by then.
Preparing up-to-date screenshots
  • Check which (if any) screenshots on the 'Screenshots' page of the OpenPetra website need updating.
  • If any need updating and these screens won't change any more until the release is done, take those screenshots now and store them until the day of the release has come as this process takes some time.
    • If any screenshot is to be replaced check the file name of the existing screenshot and name the new one accordingly.
    • Screenshots are listed on that page in a smaller size, and when one clicks on them the full size is shown. The smaller size can also already be prepared in advance.

Update translations from/to Weblate

  • Download the latest language files from Weblate. Do a synchronization, and that might create a pull request.

Release Notes

  • Update Release notes files in setup/petra0300/releasenotes. (English: releasenotes.html, German: releasenotes_de.html)
    • Format:
      • never empty the contents of that file as it is meant to be cumulative!
      • rather, add the Release Notes that pertain to the current release on top of the file.
      • follow the format of the previous Release Notes.
  • Commit the changed files to Launchpad trunk using Bazaar.

DB Patches

Final Steps

Building the release
Making the Release Known to the Public
  • Screenshots
    • see above for the preparation of up-to-date screenshots
    • update the 'Screenshots' page of the website (English, German).
  • Release Notes
    • Post Release Notes on the 'Download' page of the website (English, German).
      • Format of the Release Notes: refer to previous posts.
      • Include download link for the Windows Installer and the Linux packages that pertain to this release.
      • Include link to the static HTML file that contains the list of closed bugs that pertains to this release (created in an earlier step in these instructions).
  • News Update
    • If there is a News Update that corresponds with the release (which often is the case): post news update in the 'News' section of the website (English, German).
      • Format of the News Update: refer to previous posts.
      • Include link to the 'Download' page of the website (English, German).
  • Send out a 'Tweet' on Twitter
    • Tweet about the release on twitter (English [user: openpetraorg], German [user: openpetraorgde])
    • Format of the Tweet: refer to previous tweets that pertain to releases.
  • Mailing Lists
    • Send out information on mailing lists (English, German).
      • Content of the emails: exactly the same as in the tweets - except if there is a News Update that corresponds with the release: in this case the content of what got posted in the 'News' section of the website.


patching the database

OP_CUSTOMER=op_dev /home/openpetra/ upgradedb

Testing the server upgrade

on a testing machine:

  • Install the previous version on a clean container:
curl | bash -s old
  • run the upgrade:
/home/openpetra/ update

Reverting to previous version

export OLDVERSION="2020.04.0-3"
export TagDemoDB="UsedForNUnitTests-202004"
export OP_CUSTOMER=op_demo
yum remove openpetranow-mysql-test
yum install openpetranow-mysql-test-$OLDVERSION.x86_64 --enablerepo=lbs-solidcharity-openpetra
MYSQL_CMD="drop database $OP_CUSTOMER" /home/openpetra/ mysql
/home/openpetra/ initdb
curl --silent --location$TagDemoDB/demoWith1ledger.yml.gz > $demodbfile
/home/openpetra/ loadYmlGz $demodbfile

Now update:

yum clean expire-cache --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="lbs-solidcharity-openpetra"
/home/openpetra/ update