Quick Setup of Development environment

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We have now a script at https://get.openpetra.org that helps with setting up a development environment on recent versions of CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. This script is also used for setting up the demo server, and to run all the nightly tests.

The requirement is one of the supported Linux systems, that is not used for anything else. The recommendation is to use a dedicated virtual machine or a container just for OpenPetra.

You also need to have installed: bash, curl, sudo, tar

to start the script, simply run as root:

curl https://get.openpetra.org | bash -s devenv

After the installation has finished successfully, you can do this:

  • Go and check your instance at https://localhost (it will display your specific url in the final output of the script).
  • Login with user DEMO and password demo, or user SYSADMIN and password CHANGEME
  • See also the API at https://localhost/api/
  • You find phpMyAdmin running at https://localhost/phpmyadmin
  • Start developing in /home/op_dev as user op_dev, and use the following commands:
cd openpetra
nant generateGlue
nant generateProjectFiles
nant quickCompile -D:onlyonce=yes
nant compileProject -D:name=Ict.Common

You can do a git pull, to get the latest version of branch test:

cd openpetra
git pull
# rebuild OpenPetra with the latest updates
nant quickClean generateSolution
# to recreate the database, if there have been database updates
nant recreateDatabase resetDatabase