How to work with git on the command line

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This page is not finished yet

Due to the change from Bazaar/Launchpad to Github, this page needs to be rewritten

Have a look at these pages:

Configure git

git config --global "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME"
git config --global "EMAIL@EXAMPLE.ORG"
git config --global credential.helper cache
git config --global credential.helper 'cache --timeout=3600'

Clone the repository

Then on the commandline, in Git Bash, you can run:

git clone --depth 10

Commit your changes

It is best to create a branch for the feature/bug you are working on:

git checkout -b mynewbranch

Then commit your changes into that branch:

git commit -a

Push your changes to Github

This will publish your branch at Github, in your fork of OpenPetra:

git push origin

Create a pull request at Github