Client Configuration Options in the Client.Config File

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This page contains information about available options in the Client Configuration file. It is not a full list but the intention is to add to it in the future.

Options for Templater

The base directory for templates

When OpenPetra displays the File Open dialog for uploading a template it will set the initially displayed directory to a configurable value.

  • key: FormLetterTemplateBaseDirectory. You can set this to any local or network drive that you wish. If no value is set it will try a folder named 'Form Letter Templates' beneath a folder named 'OpenPetraOrg' in the client's Public Documents folder. The Public Documents folder is a special folder whose name and location depends on the Windows language and the Windows version.

The base directory for created form letters

When Open Petra creates form letters it places them in the folder specified by

  • key: FormLetterBaseDirectoryPartner or FormLetterBaseDirectoryPersonnel or FormLetterBaseDirectoryFinance
    • if no value is specified it will create a directory beneath (Public Documents)/OpenPetraOrg/Form Letters. As mentioned above the (Public Documents) folder is a special folder (typically C:\Users\Public\Documents) whose name depends on the language setting and version of Windows

Custom Form Letter Sorting

Form letter sorting can be done in several ways - for example last name then first name or City or Postal Code. In addition it is possible to have a custom sort which would have to be written by the OpenPetra team. At present there is one custom sort which is used for label printing

  • key: CustomFormLetterSort. For the Swiss office the value is "CH".
    • key: MinimumBundleSize. The value defaults to 10 but can be set for developers to 5 to test the system with dummy data.

Maximum documents to open

When you choose the option to Open form letters after they have been created OpenPetra checks to see how many documents are involved. If the request would result in opening more than the maximum configurable number a message is displayed asking the client to confirm they want to do this. (It's not a great idea to try and open 1500 documents in Word at the same time!).

  • key: MaxFormLettersToOpen. (the default value is 10)

Application for CSV files

There are issues with opening CSV files. With Office installed it is sometimes not easy to open a CSV file directly into Excel unless the file has a very specific format.

  • key: UseOfficeForCSV. If this key is present OpenPetra will use Office to open a CSV file. If it is not present OpenPetra will use the default application for text files. If this is Notepad and Notepad++ is installed on the computer then Notepadd++ will be used instead of Notepad. The default is not to use Office to open CSV files.

OpenPetra always previews CSV files using the text previewer.

Options Related to Printing

The Print Progress screen that places documents into the print queue has one configurable option.

  • key: PrintQueueDelay
  • key: (printername).PrintQueueDelay

The value for either of these is milliseconds and the default is 2000 (two seconds). Use the first key to set a new default delay for all printers Use the second key to set a different delay for a specific printer - eg 'MyFastPrinter.PrintQueueDelay'. A specific printer delay over-rides the general printer delay.

Options for Combo Boxes with Non-Unique Display Members

The International Dialling Code Prefix on Partner/Edit displays the prefix for each country but some countries have the same prefix. Examples are

  • +1 for both Canada and the US
  • +7 for both Russia and Kazakhstan
  • +44 for United Kingdom, Guernsey and Jersey

and so on.

Some offices will find it very annoying if the majority of their partners default to displaying the wrong country when they type their prefix into the box. So, if most of your +1 partners live in the US you will want +1 to default to US and not Canada.

OpenPetra provides two client configuration options to handle this (more could be added)

  • key: IntlPhonePrefix.US.HasPriority value:true or false
  • key: IntlPhonePrefix.GB.HasPriority value:true or false

Both of these settings ship with the default client.config file and individual offices are free to change from true to false as desired.