Base and Demo databases

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Base Database

The purpose of this database is to be able to start Petra and create a working environment from scratch. This means there is one default user SYSADMIN with password CHANGEME, which should be changed at the first login. Then you can create a site, and a ledger, etc.

The base database is available here:

Demo Databases

The purpose of this database is to allow people to have quick results when investigating You should be able to just login with user DEMO and password demo, and then you have already some partners in the system, and a demo ledger with some finance data to play with.

Of course, there will be so many different scenarios how OpenPetra can be used, therefore there will be several demo databases available. If you are investigating OpenPetra and you cannot find a demo database that suits you, please consider creating your own demo database and contribute it back to the community!

Here is a list of available demo databases:

The demo databases are available here:

We have 3 different types of demo databases:

  • demoWith1ledger.yml.gz: just one ledger, and one financial year
  • demoMultipleYears.yml.gz: one ledger, with multiple financial years
  • demoWith2ledgers.yml.gz: same as the previous demo, plus another ledger with one financial year.

The demo databases are generated from generated data, stored at

The job that creates the demo databases runs at LBS:

This is the script that creates the demo databases: