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Test data generators / Sample data (SPLIT this chapter out)

There are a number of good test data generators out there, building our own would not have been beneficial for just finding something to work and quickly. I looked at a number of them, with an emphasis on they should be recommended by people and were open source.

Decision was: look at benerator and generatedata.com.

I looked at benerator and decided to stick with that for now, if it works out.

Idea to be checked: use data from generatedata / geo-database / briandunning together benerator to compile data to common format, which is then imported as shown below.


  • creates name, address, email ... looks very nice!
  • creates data for Australia, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom
  • but: e.g. the UK postal codes don't seem to be real UK codes. So not only are the Codes not correct, but the combination code / address neither. Perhaps this is different for the US. In any case, this would not be a show-stopper as they look close enough, and we just want lots of data anyway.


  • Have not looked at the code yet.
  • Have not thought about how we can integrate this with OP


  • Has generators for all sorts of information, and can create xml files
  • is not actually GPL - has a "GPL v2 with exceptions" ???. Should chat with the author.

Lists of test data generators

The majority of the software listed below was extracted from former page. Criteria for judging: actively maintained + fits the job + documentation (less important)

interest? Program creates area Output App-Type License
* benerator creates data / transforms given data to test data various databases, xml, csv, excel Framework GPL / commercial (WARNING! GPL "with exceptions")
* generatedata.com Addresses / Cities / Countries Netherlands, Canada, UK, US XML, Excel, HTML, CSV, SQL Webapp (JS,PHP,MySQL) GPL v2
* Geographical Places Database geographical locations (schools, universities, whitehouse, eiffel tower...) tab delimited website, download, libraries (various languages), webservice creative commons attribution
http://www.briandunning.com/sample-data/ Website with real address and company data (US and Canada) but with fake names. This could be useful with testing map services as well since there are real geographic locations. US, Canada free
(still want to briefly check) DBMonster generates test data SQL Command-Line (Java) Apache License
CSV Data generator CSV? (Ruby)
Datagenerator library / GUI GPL
dqMaster text,xml,db GUI (extensible)
Spawner Data Generator random proper names, terms and connectors delimited text / SQL apptype license
Test Dictionary java interface
data at most Fresh Trash Generator Random Website, Email, Family and First Names, Phone Number, Company, Birthday (at least some of the resource data might be interesting) Greek Names and Companies, German Streets java utility package
nn google api toolkit nn Web API
- Data Science Toolkit convert address to coordinates, vv, ip to coordinates etc Web API / VM
- fakenamegenerator.com Names,Adresses from many countries Website / Web API proprietary for API (kostenlos, but attribution)
- .net Fabricator (no addresses, so not suitable, but seems nice framework) Framework using .net MIT
- (com) GEDIS Studio for Test Data "Realistic Test Data" (not viewed) CSV, XML, SQL, or HTML Windows / Scripting community edition kostenlos / commercial
- (com) Excel random data generator Generates sample data, somewhat acclaimed here MS Excel Plugin commercial
- (com) SQL Data Generator Generates complex sample data (addresses, companies, interaction), a business person liked it on stackoverflow. Would probably be the right thing except it is SQL Server and commercial. Application for MS SQL Server commercial
- (com) Microsoft Visual Studio Database Edition Generates sample data, and several people pointed to it on stackoverflow. Part of Visual Studio commercial
- (com) Advanced Data Generator Windows Application commercial
- (com) SQL Manager Windows Application commercial

List of others (not checked): date of last change + project (checked april 2011)