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Documentation for Translators

There is a separate page with Documentation for Translators.

The translation process

There are actually several different ways to provide some translation.

See Translation documentation for Translators for details.

Testing a translation

We provide a Nightly Build of OpenPetra. This integrates the changes on Github that has been made on the last 24 hours. You can get the Nightly Build here. Please download the exe-file OpenPetraSetup-x.x.xx.xxxx.exe and install it on your computer to see your new translations.

Update translation template

The synchronisation process needs to be done by someone of the Core development team. The goal is to update the template on Weblate with new strings to translate.

Make sure that you have pushed all changes on Weblate to our Github repository for the translations, at

The next steps have been automated with the command nant buildTranslationTemplate.

This command will:

You should commit the updated template.pot and the updated .po files to again, and make sure you do a pull on Weblate, and then a reset, losing all local changes, but getting all new strings

All .po files in the i18n directory will be added to the installer automatically. OpenPetra will use the language settings on the workstation for determining which language file should be used.

Reviewing the translation template

Please have a look at Reviewing the translation template