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  1. 'My openPETRA' page incl. 'Favourites' and automatic Recent Tasks List
  2. 'Preparing' SQL Statements And Specifying SQL Statement Time-outs
  3. 3rd-party Test Data Generators
  4. A Use Case for a Custom Exception
  5. Adding Delete Functionality to a Screen or Control
  6. Administration of own bazaar server
  7. Advantages of Typed DataSets
  8. Advantages of Typed DataTables
  9. Allow horizontal collapsing/expanding of the Module Navigation (TPnlAccordion)
  10. Allow user to show more or less Modules in the Module Navigation (by drag-n-drop of Splitter)
  11. Application Help
  12. Application Help Content Management and Delivery
  13. Architecture Edit screens
  14. Architecture Team Scratch Pad - Exceptions, Transactions, Sessions, Data Transfer Object, ...
  15. Auto generated Test Code
  16. Automatic DB Transaction Handling
  17. Automatic Data Validation
  18. Banking plugins
  19. Base Class with universal logic for 'Shepherd Framework' (design and start of implementation)
  20. Base Form for 'Shepherd Framework' (design and start of implementation)
  21. Base and Demo databases
  22. Basic Tutorial
  23. Batch Report Tests
  24. Branches and Releases of OpenPetra
  25. Breadcrumb Trail above Task List view
  26. Build System for OpenPetra
  27. Build system with our own NAnt tools and tasks
  28. Building and maintaining customized versions of OpenPetra
  29. Business Rules for Address Handling
  30. CSharp In-Code Documentation with MS XML Tags
  31. Can be deleted
  32. Central Inventory of openPETRA Error Codes
  33. Changes to the Process and Workflows of openPETRA Development
  34. Class naming
  35. Client Configuration Options in the Client.Config File
  36. Co-ordinated DB Access (Thread-safe DB Access)
  37. Code Generation for GUI vs WYSIWYG design of GUI
  38. Code Templates and snippets
  39. Coding Standard and Guidelines
  40. Comments to Revision 1089
  41. Common Goals for the Two Documentation-related Projects
  42. Comparison I18N
  43. Continuous Integration with LightBuildServer
  44. Contributing Source Code to
  45. Creating WebHelp output
  46. Creating some more advanced Maintain Table Screens
  47. Creating some simple Maintain Table Screens
  48. Creation of a Layout Manager for dealing better with translation and to overcome mono flaws
  49. Creation of a UserControl: Collapsible Panel
  50. Creation of a UserControl: Task List

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