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  1. 'My openPETRA' page incl. 'Favourites' and automatic Recent Tasks List
  2. 'Preparing' SQL Statements And Specifying SQL Statement Time-outs
  3. 3rd-party Test Data Generators
  4. A Use Case for a Custom Exception
  5. Adding Delete Functionality to a Screen or Control
  6. Administration of own bazaar server
  7. Advantages of Typed DataSets
  8. Advantages of Typed DataTables
  9. Allow horizontal collapsing/expanding of the Module Navigation (TPnlAccordion)
  10. Allow user to show more or less Modules in the Module Navigation (by drag-n-drop of Splitter)
  11. Application Help
  12. Application Help Content Management and Delivery
  13. Architecture Edit screens
  14. Architecture Team Scratch Pad - Exceptions, Transactions, Sessions, Data Transfer Object, ...
  15. Auto generated Test Code
  16. Automatic DB Transaction Handling
  17. Automatic Data Validation
  18. Banking plugins
  19. Base Class with universal logic for 'Shepherd Framework' (design and start of implementation)
  20. Base Form for 'Shepherd Framework' (design and start of implementation)
  21. Base and Demo databases
  22. Basic Tutorial
  23. Batch Report Tests
  24. Branches and Releases of OpenPetra
  25. Breadcrumb Trail above Task List view
  26. Build System for OpenPetra
  27. Build system with our own NAnt tools and tasks
  28. Building and maintaining customized versions of OpenPetra
  29. Business Rules for Address Handling
  30. CSharp In-Code Documentation with MS XML Tags
  31. Can be deleted
  32. Central Inventory of openPETRA Error Codes
  33. Changes to the Process and Workflows of openPETRA Development
  34. Class naming
  35. Client Configuration Options in the Client.Config File
  36. Co-ordinated DB Access (Thread-safe DB Access)
  37. Code Generation for GUI vs WYSIWYG design of GUI
  38. Code Templates and snippets
  39. Coding Standard and Guidelines
  40. Comments to Revision 1089
  41. Common Goals for the Two Documentation-related Projects
  42. Comparison I18N
  43. Continuous Integration with LightBuildServer
  44. Contributing Source Code to
  45. Creating WebHelp output
  46. Creating some more advanced Maintain Table Screens
  47. Creating some simple Maintain Table Screens
  48. Creation of a Layout Manager for dealing better with translation and to overcome mono flaws
  49. Creation of a UserControl: Collapsible Panel
  50. Creation of a UserControl: Task List
  51. Creation of several general openPETRA screens
  52. Customizing OpenPetra
  53. DB Access Exception Handling Policy
  54. DB Discussions: Transaction Model, Savepoints, Locking; Exception Handling; Caching
  55. DataSets: Ensuring you deliver 'unchanged' data to the Client
  56. Data Conversion from Petra to Openpetra
  57. Data Validation Framework
  58. Data liberation
  59. Database Configuration Architecture
  60. Database access architecture
  61. Decimal/Rounding Calculation Definition
  62. Decimal And Currency Formats and International Settings
  63. Definition of letter templates
  64. Demo Project for Raw Timings of 'Prepared' Statements
  65. Developing the Forms generator
  66. Developing the Javascript Client
  67. Development with Code Generation
  68. Documentation Cacheable Tables
  69. Documentation GUI generation with YAML
  70. Documentation YAML for OpenPetra Forms
  71. Documentation for Developers
  72. Documentation for Translators
  73. Documentation of the customisation of the WebHelp toolchain
  74. Duplicate Address Check
  75. Duplicate Record Protection
  76. Elaborate GUI improvements for openPETRA Menu system
  77. Error Codes: GEN.00001V
  78. Error Codes in Openpetra
  79. Error Messages and Error Messages
  80. Error and Exception Handling Policy
  81. Evaluation and Comparison of different logging Systems
  82. Example: Simple Maintain Table Screen
  83. Example Screenshots of an existing PETRA Shepherd
  84. Exchange Rates (Design and Test)
  85. Explanation of Directory Structure and Rules
  86. Extract System Screens
  87. Extracts generated from Reports
  88. FAQ's for Developers
  89. FAQ's for the General Community
  90. FLOSS Manuals
  91. Finance Progress
  92. Foreign Currency Transactions
  93. Forms Messaging
  94. Functionality that should be implemented for bigger charities
  95. Functions to be included in Beta Summer 2018
  96. GUI Frameworks Comparison
  97. GUI controls prefixes
  98. GUI development
  99. General business logic: more elaborate business logic
  100. General business logic: self-contained and easily testable business logic
  101. German demo database
  102. Gift Batch Import File Specification
  103. Global Database Updater
  104. Handling of Foreign Currencies
  105. History and Roadmap
  106. Homepage
  107. Hosted development workstation
  108. How-To: Creating a Maintain Table screen
  109. HowTo: Develop with GTKSharp
  110. HowTo: Initial setup of a ledger
  111. HowTo: Session based application with ASP.Net
  112. HowTo develop a new report
  113. HowTo develop a new screen
  114. HowTo port a screen from Old Petra
  115. How Admin fees are calculated
  116. How to commit to launchpad
  117. How to produce CSharp API Documentation
  118. How to work with bazaar on the command line
  119. How to work with bazaar through the GUI on Windows
  120. How to work with git on the command line
  121. How to work with git through the GUI on Windows
  122. ICH Stewardship calculation
  123. Ideas for Realising Some Specific Goals
  124. Implementation of Grid Filter/Find
  125. Implementation of Online Application Forms with OpenPetra
  126. Inconsistent Error and Exception Handling
  127. Individual Data Screens
  128. Installation Manuals
  129. Installation instructions openpetra-server-postgresql on Linux
  130. Instructions for the Implementation of Data Validation
  131. Inter Office Communication
  132. Jenkins CI Server
  133. Link to office applications
  134. List of unused columns/tables in the database structure
  135. Literature
  136. Mail Merge Specification: Business Requirements (General)
  137. Mail Merge Specification: Business Requirements (OM Offices)
  138. Mail Merge Specification: Layout Requirements
  139. Mail Merge Specification: Technical Req'mts: Mail Merge Data Set
  140. Mail Merge Specification: Technical Req'mts: Placeholders
  141. Mail Merge Specification: Technological Req'mts
  142. Mail Merge Specification: Technology Investigation - MS Office Interop
  143. Main Menu
  144. Main Page
  145. Manual tests before a release
  146. Memory profiling
  147. Menu and Keyboard Shortcut Design
  148. Migrating data from legacy systems
  149. Migration of Bazaar to Git
  150. Mini-guide for Bug reporting
  151. MonoDevelop
  152. Multi Language Help System
  153. Multiple Currencies
  154. Multitenancy and working with finances across borders
  155. N-tier architecture
  156. NUnit Problems
  157. Navigation and Dashboard
  158. New CSharp Language features 3.0 and 4.0
  159. Nicer Tasks List (perhaps with optional help texts)
  160. Notes about Bazaar
  161. Notes about Git
  162. Notes about I18N
  163. Notes about MySQL
  164. Notes about NAnt
  165. Notes about PostgreSQL
  166. Notes about SQLite
  167. OpenPETRA Architecture Team
  168. OpenPETRA Data Access Layer Diagram
  169. OpenPETRA Project Structure and Namespace Descriptions
  170. OpenPETRA Technical Implementation Details
  171. OpenPETRA meeting in Carlisle (Nov.30th - Dec.2nd, 2010)
  172. OpenPetra Developer's Assistant
  173. OpenPetra Installers
  174. OpenSUSE-build-service
  175. Other Source Code Versioning System than git
  176. Overall List of Conference Functionality
  177. Overall List of Finance Functionality
  178. Overall List of Partner Functionality
  179. Overall List of Personnel Functionality
  180. Overall List of System Manager Functionality
  181. Overview of the Data Validation Framework
  182. Overview openPETRA architecture
  183. Partner Edit - Details of Advanced Address Tab Functionality
  184. Partner Merge
  185. Patchtool
  186. Periodic End Calculations
  187. Plink console windows with bazaar
  188. PostgreSQL: Sequences Not Tied to DB Transactions
  189. Preventing/getting around circular dependency problems
  190. Preview: Current functionality
  191. Print Preview With Templater and Windows 7
  192. Print Progress and Managing the Print Queue
  193. Printing
  194. Problems with .Net 2.0 SDK 64bit
  195. Programming hints
  196. Progress4GL to CSharp conversion
  197. Progress Tracker Dialog
  198. Project Plan with Progress Stage 1
  199. Projects for Calvin College J-Term 2012
  200. Projects for Taylor University J-Term 2011
  201. Proposals for DB Schema Changes
  202. Prototype of an openPETRA web application
  203. Quick Setup of Development environment
  204. Quicker development/debugging/testing turnaround with customised PetraClient startup
  205. Realising Good Control Over Output with Confluence
  206. Reallocation Tests
  207. Releases and Patching
  208. Report Designer
  209. Resumen de las normas
  210. Retrieving the 'SiteKey' of an OpenPetra installation
  211. Revaluation
  212. Reviewing the translation template
  213. Rich desktop application vs. rich web interface
  214. SQL Diagram creation
  215. SQL compatibility rules
  216. Sample data create and import
  217. Screen scaffolding: Special Filter/Find Controls
  218. Screen scaffolding: controls
  219. Search Boxes above and below the Task List view
  220. Sequence for report calculation
  221. Setting up the hosted developer workstation with Fedora
  222. Setting up the hosted developer workstation with Ubuntu
  223. Setup of Development Environment for CentOS
  224. Setup of Development Environment for Debian
  225. Setup of Development Environment for MacOS
  226. Setup of Development Environment for Mandriva
  227. Setup of Development Environment for OpenSuSE
  228. Setup of Development Environment for Ubuntu
  229. Setup of Development Environment for Windows
  230. Setup of Development environment
  231. Simpler GUI improvements for openPETRA Menu system
  232. Singleton (single-instance) Screens
  233. Software tools for Developers
  234. SourceGrid specification and testing
  235. SourceGrid specification and testing (Prior to Nov 2013)
  236. Source Code Refactoring
  237. Source Configuration Architecture
  238. Spanish translation
  239. Special Functions For Reports
  240. Special characters in XML
  241. Specification: Worker Field
  242. Specification for Mail Merge (former 'Form Letters' in Petra 2.x)
  243. Specifications Accounts Payable
  244. Specifications Budget
  245. Specifications Formletters
  246. Specifications General Ledger
  247. Specifications Gift Receipting
  248. Specifications Partner Import
  249. Specifications Payroll
  250. Specifications Reporting

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