How to commit to launchpad

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If you don't have write privileges on you can also commit to launchpad. This can be done the following way:

  • First get an account on Launchpad, which is a service provided by the company Canonical, who develop Ubuntu and Bazaar:
  • Create a public and private key on launchpad. This is explained here. It is quite important to execute pageant and to load the private key into pageant.
  • In your bazaar, you need to tell your launchpad username, on the command line run bzr launchpad-login USERNAME. I have not found a place in the GUI to do this.
 bzr checkout D:\\bzr\website-launchpad\trunk
  • In your local working tree, push to Launchpad which will create a new branch there: lp:~USERNAME/openpetraorg/BRANCH_NAME, eg. lp:~jomammele/openpetraorg/website-spanish.

If the corresponding button is not visible then execute the following command:

 bzr push lp:~jomammele/openpetraorg/template-changes_110811
  • Then you switch your local working tree to lp:~USERNAME/openpetraorg/BRANCH_NAME. This means that all your future commits will go to your branch at Launchpad. If the corresponding button is not visible then execute the following command:
 bzr switch lp:~jomammele/openpetraorg/template-changes_110811

  • Now you can add files and change existing files, and commit them to your branch at Launchpad.
  • If you want your changes to be merged into the OpenPetra bzr, tell a core developer the URL of your branch. It is recommended to have small branches for each feature that you want to go upstream. You will not be able to reuse a branch, after it has been merged into openpetra trunk, since we want to avoid criss cross merges etc.

If you get an unlock error-message execute a

 bzr break-lock bzr+ssh://