HowTo: Initial setup of a ledger

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This is only preliminary information. Much of it should be possible in the future in the GUI, but at the moment you can do most of it in text files (and even in the future, text files might improve speed, and you can reset the system very quickly).

  • Currently, you still have to modify the UINavigation.yml to display the ledger at all
  • You should modify the csv files that are used to generate the database, eg. db/demodataGermany
    • a_ledger.csv: modify your ledger, with start period, number of forwarding periods etc
    • a_accounting_period: set up a calendar for all current and forwarding periods
    • run nant resetDatabase, and delete the setup/petra0300/demo.db, and start the server, to use the new database
  • You can create a yml file for the account hierarchy and costcentre hierarchy, and import them in the account and on the cost centre screen
    • IMPORTANT: please stick to the same structure: posting accounts must be quite down the hierarchy, otherwise Inc&Exp statement and Balance Sheet don't display the amounts... This might be a bug, but at the moment having posting accounts quite deep in the structure is the only way. See the examples.
  • Create a file with historic exchange rates, and import them.
  • Import your previous transactions, as batches, and post them manually
    • TODO: it should be possible to import closed periods and posted transactions