Error Codes in Openpetra

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Objective of Error Codes

In Petra 2.x, every error message has got an error code which helps to identify a message. In openPETRA this is even more important, because in openPETRA the message text and message title may be translated into any language and its meaning will be unclear to support staff who don't speak the language the message is shown in. The only way they can identify the error message in such a case is by looking up the error code.

Error Code Handling in openPETRA

The object TVerificationResult provides the Property 'ResultCode'. The error code of a particular error needs to be assigned to this property.

When an error message is displayed, e.g. in a MessageBox, the 'ResultCode' is to be displayed in a separate line at the end of the message.

Central Inventory of Error Codes

See Central Inventory of openPETRA Error Codes