Error Codes in Openpetra

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In petra every error message has got a code which helps to identify a messsage. In openpetra this is a little bit more important because here the message may be translated and unclear. The object TVerificationResultCollection for example provides a file named AResultCode and this may be one good position to place it.

The task of this side is either to provide a ticket system which guarantees that a code is unique and it provides the start page for enhanced service information. As it was done in petra, in openpetra we will handle a code containing two parts, the name of the module and a running number. Each code number which is used by open petra has to be listed here includig a short description. Later - if necessary - a link to a more detailed page can be added.

The error number contains of a module name like MODULE and a running number like MODULE.01 or else.

Error Codes Example

    • EXCAMPLE.01: Message ...
    • EXCAMPLE.02: [The message example.02]

Please join the code and the number correctly at the first part of the line. This helps a user to find the information by using the search function. And the message itelf can contain a link o an other page. please do not use more than a line for the description.

Error Codes