Functions to be included in Beta Summer 2018

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This is a rough description which functions should work in Summer 2018.

This list will be used for defining tests, and documentation.

We are first aiming only for small charities, and general functionality.

see also: Functionality that should be implemented for bigger charities


  • Linux Server application, with Javascript Client
  • English and German user interface
  • Manual for basic operation of OpenPetra

User management

  • DONE Login with your username
  • DONE Change password
  • DONE Change your language
  • DONE Add user
  • DONE retire/unretire user
  • DONE manage permissions of user

System Management

  • DONE Import Database from yml.gz
  • DONE Export Database to yml.gz
  • DONE Scripts for Backup and Managing OpenPetra instances

Address management

  • DONE Create Partners of classes FAMILY and ORGANISATION
  • DONE: Import Partners from text file
  • DONE Find Partners
  • DONE Edit Partners
    • only one address per person
  • DONE Subscriptions
    • only one subscription per person
    • DONE: Manage Subscriptions
  • DONE Special Types
    • DONE: Manage Special Types
  • Reports for
    • TODO Addresses
    • TODO Subscriptions
    • DONE Special Types



  • DONE Create new ledger
  • DONE Import/Export/View Account Hierarchy
  • DONE Import/Export/View CostCentre Hierarchy
  • DONE manage gift motivation details


  • DONE Import from bank statement, with matching
  • DONE Create gift batches
  • DONE Post gift batches
  • DONE Print annual receipts


  • DONE Create and Edit GL Batches and GL Transactions
    • hide GL Journals, just one journal per batch for the moment)
    • Import Batches and Transactions from CSV Paste
  • DONE Post GL Batches
  • DONE Close Month
  • DONE Close Year
  • Finance Reports:
    • TODO Income and Expense Statement
    • TODO Balance Sheet
    • TODO Trial Balance
    • DONE Account Detail